Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Rather Long Update.....

The last week has been a little odd and slightly frustrating but overall good. I realize I have a few things to update you on so, here goes.


Last time I was on here, I talked about having to go to the hospital for chest x-rays and that I received a missed call from them in which they didn't leave me a message. This had me slightly perplexed.

Well, I figured out exactly why the hospital called me after I left there on Monday. I found this out the next morning as I was getting ready to leave my house to go pick up my paychecks--my last one from my old job and my first one from the new one LoL. (1)They were calling me because my dumb ass left my god-damned ID card at the receptionists desk. Why they could not have simply left me a message to tell me this, so I could've picked it up on my way back by there, is absolutely beyond me.

I couldn't decide between this emotion....
Once I realize that my ID is missing I instantly realized why the hospital must have called me. So, I promptly call them only to find out that they had decided to mail me the ID. (2) I didn't think about asking them when I had them on the phone, but once I hung up instant panic set in--again. The address on my ID card is completely wrong. It still has my address from a year and a half ago on it (I know, I know. My fault entirely.) and I wasn't sure if they would send it there or to the new address I gave them.

....Or this one. I did yell and cry, btw.

Needless to say, I was a very frustrated person Tuesday when I realized I had two paychecks that I couldn't do a damned thing with. I have NEVER left my ID card anywhere before and I couldn't believe I had left it at the damn hospital and would have to wait until it arrived in my mailbox (or didn't) in a day or two. If it had gotten sent to the old address, I at least have a girlfriend of mine who still lives there who could've intercepted it and sent it my way.

It showed up in my mailbox the next day. I promptly walked across the street to get it cashed only to walk in and be told that they wouldn't be able to cash it because they had already cashed too many paychecks (their own, by the way, since my luck would have it to walk in on their payday) and didn't have the cash to even try.

At this point I am pretty pissed, but only because I found out in this conversation (4) that if I had walked back down there at any point the evening before I could've cashed both checks without having my ID. The main guy there (not really sure how high up he is or anything but he seems to be up there in the chain LoL) knows me and my honey rather well, since we are faithful patrons to this little establishment. While we had figured we caught him leaving for the day, he was merely leaving for his lunch break. Damn it all to hell!! I'm so lucky my honey is so understanding of my pity me tantrums. If not, the rock-kicking, pouty-faced, on-the-verge-of-tears attitude would have sent him packing--I felt so incredibly stupid I can't even begin to explain it.

This great man, upon finding out my bad luck, digs up just enough money to be able to cash the smaller of the two checks. I was relieved.


In the midst of the lost ID/inability to cash my paychecks chaos, my doctor calls me to tell me that my chest x-rays came back completely normal. What the fuck is wrong with me then??? He tells me that if it still hurts in a week or two to come back down there and he will do more tests....Seriously? I have to put up with this shit until it decides to go away or until I can't take it anymore and you decide more testing is necessary?? Awesome.

He called me Tuesday afternoon, right as his office was closing for the day. It has hurt every day since--still. I am not a happy camper and my honey is beginning to really dislike the recent lag in the bedroom because of it. Grr!!


Since I was last on here, I wrote another post over on my other blog. It is about the newest FDA approved at-home rapid HIV testing kit and you can read all about it here. If you happen to check it out, go ahead and leave your own thoughts in the comments section--I do love reading them!!

By the way, this month is National HIV Awareness Month!! Go get yourself checked out!! Seriously. Get off your ass and get tested. I just wouldn't use the newest at-home kit mentioned in the above-mentioned post if I were you....


Speaking of my other blog, I have to brag that I have been awarded another terrific blogging award from the wonderful Lily over at The Incoherent Ramblings Of A Moose! which can be viewed here or here. She thought my little blog was worth awarding to me and I was more than thrilled to accept it!! :D Thanks again, so very much for the honor! I really do appreciate it and hope to keep writing well enough to keep deserving the honor :)


This is the first weekend I have had off from work in quite a long time now. It has been just me and my honey all day today (the ex won't let us have little man....I can't wait to get this shit worked out with the courts because that bitch is really pushing my buttons lately...) and it has been rather lovely getting to spend some quality time with him. After I finish this, I am off to cook him a wonderful dinner-- Garlic shrimp and crab leg alfredo with broccoli and cheesy-garlic Italian bread sticks and a side of lobster tails with garlic butter dipping sauce :)Yummy yum!!

So, until next time. Everyone have a bitchin' night and enjoy the above mentioned posts until I get a chance to write some new ones!!

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