Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What The Fuck Is Wrong With Her???

My honey is horrible at opening his mail. I realized this the other day when I was scouring his desk for all of his bank statements--we are trying to prove that he DOES pay child support already without an order for one. This was two nights before we were suppose to have the child support hearing--which was rescheduled by the way. While on my hunt for my honey's old statements I happened upon one for lil man's college fund account that my honey has for him. This particular statement showed us that the ex has completely cleaned out this account.

Yes, you did read that correctly. That dumb, scuzzy, bitch took ALL of her child's college money out of his account. We have no idea what the fuck she did that for, other than to be a scuzzy, greedy whore. What the fuck kind of parent does that to their child?? That shit is absolutely ridiculous and makes me think EVEN LESS of her than I already did....And that is a pretty low opinion of a person, if you ask me.

What is even worse than her taking her own child's college money?? The fact that there is not one damn thing we can do about it legally. They are technically still married (and, oh boy, can I not wait for the damn divorce to be finalized) and because of a misunderstanding with the bank when they opened the account, she had full access to it. What the fuck is wrong with her??
And, oh boy, do I hope it needs help!! :D

Her doing this just screams to her child, "It is okay to take whatever you want" and, god damn it, it is NOT okay!! You aren't suppose to teach your child that stealing is okay...At least I'm pretty sure that is a rule somewhere or something LoL

It just infuriates me. I am thoroughly disgusted with her and the kind of person she is. Hell, I could go on for days about why I don't like her and have the opinion of her that I do. But, I won't. This particular incident, however, I just can't keep festering inside of me...

So, there you have it. I hate that stupid bitch and this is just one of many reasons why. Hope you enjoyed my vent session. As this all unfolds I am sure there will be more to come from time to time. Everyone have a bitchin' night :)

~The Mouthy Bitch~

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Rather Long Update.....

The last week has been a little odd and slightly frustrating but overall good. I realize I have a few things to update you on so, here goes.


Last time I was on here, I talked about having to go to the hospital for chest x-rays and that I received a missed call from them in which they didn't leave me a message. This had me slightly perplexed.

Well, I figured out exactly why the hospital called me after I left there on Monday. I found this out the next morning as I was getting ready to leave my house to go pick up my paychecks--my last one from my old job and my first one from the new one LoL. (1)They were calling me because my dumb ass left my god-damned ID card at the receptionists desk. Why they could not have simply left me a message to tell me this, so I could've picked it up on my way back by there, is absolutely beyond me.

I couldn't decide between this emotion....
Once I realize that my ID is missing I instantly realized why the hospital must have called me. So, I promptly call them only to find out that they had decided to mail me the ID. (2) I didn't think about asking them when I had them on the phone, but once I hung up instant panic set in--again. The address on my ID card is completely wrong. It still has my address from a year and a half ago on it (I know, I know. My fault entirely.) and I wasn't sure if they would send it there or to the new address I gave them.

....Or this one. I did yell and cry, btw.

Needless to say, I was a very frustrated person Tuesday when I realized I had two paychecks that I couldn't do a damned thing with. I have NEVER left my ID card anywhere before and I couldn't believe I had left it at the damn hospital and would have to wait until it arrived in my mailbox (or didn't) in a day or two. If it had gotten sent to the old address, I at least have a girlfriend of mine who still lives there who could've intercepted it and sent it my way.

It showed up in my mailbox the next day. I promptly walked across the street to get it cashed only to walk in and be told that they wouldn't be able to cash it because they had already cashed too many paychecks (their own, by the way, since my luck would have it to walk in on their payday) and didn't have the cash to even try.

At this point I am pretty pissed, but only because I found out in this conversation (4) that if I had walked back down there at any point the evening before I could've cashed both checks without having my ID. The main guy there (not really sure how high up he is or anything but he seems to be up there in the chain LoL) knows me and my honey rather well, since we are faithful patrons to this little establishment. While we had figured we caught him leaving for the day, he was merely leaving for his lunch break. Damn it all to hell!! I'm so lucky my honey is so understanding of my pity me tantrums. If not, the rock-kicking, pouty-faced, on-the-verge-of-tears attitude would have sent him packing--I felt so incredibly stupid I can't even begin to explain it.

This great man, upon finding out my bad luck, digs up just enough money to be able to cash the smaller of the two checks. I was relieved.


In the midst of the lost ID/inability to cash my paychecks chaos, my doctor calls me to tell me that my chest x-rays came back completely normal. What the fuck is wrong with me then??? He tells me that if it still hurts in a week or two to come back down there and he will do more tests....Seriously? I have to put up with this shit until it decides to go away or until I can't take it anymore and you decide more testing is necessary?? Awesome.

He called me Tuesday afternoon, right as his office was closing for the day. It has hurt every day since--still. I am not a happy camper and my honey is beginning to really dislike the recent lag in the bedroom because of it. Grr!!


Since I was last on here, I wrote another post over on my other blog. It is about the newest FDA approved at-home rapid HIV testing kit and you can read all about it here. If you happen to check it out, go ahead and leave your own thoughts in the comments section--I do love reading them!!

By the way, this month is National HIV Awareness Month!! Go get yourself checked out!! Seriously. Get off your ass and get tested. I just wouldn't use the newest at-home kit mentioned in the above-mentioned post if I were you....


Speaking of my other blog, I have to brag that I have been awarded another terrific blogging award from the wonderful Lily over at The Incoherent Ramblings Of A Moose! which can be viewed here or here. She thought my little blog was worth awarding to me and I was more than thrilled to accept it!! :D Thanks again, so very much for the honor! I really do appreciate it and hope to keep writing well enough to keep deserving the honor :)


This is the first weekend I have had off from work in quite a long time now. It has been just me and my honey all day today (the ex won't let us have little man....I can't wait to get this shit worked out with the courts because that bitch is really pushing my buttons lately...) and it has been rather lovely getting to spend some quality time with him. After I finish this, I am off to cook him a wonderful dinner-- Garlic shrimp and crab leg alfredo with broccoli and cheesy-garlic Italian bread sticks and a side of lobster tails with garlic butter dipping sauce :)Yummy yum!!

So, until next time. Everyone have a bitchin' night and enjoy the above mentioned posts until I get a chance to write some new ones!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Trying To Not Be Anxious....

On my last day of work at my old job, I woke up with an incredibly terrible pain in my ribs. I started my new job (the next day) with said pain in my ribs and have continued to have this pain all through the end of the week and weekend. I have no idea what on earth I could have done to hurt them. What I do know is that it hurts like hell to breathe, cough, sneeze, laugh, and even sing--all of which (breathing included) makes me lightheaded and dizzy. It hurts to stretch my arm above my head. It hurts to twist and to some degree bend. It does not, however, hurt to push on them....Odd, I know.

So, today I decided I needed to go to the doctor to find out what in the hell is going on. After listening to my very painful deep breathes for an extended period of time, the doc says to me, "It could be one of two things."

A moment of silence and then I prompt him for explanation with my drawn out, "Ookkaayy.."

"It is either just inflammation which will eventually correct itself (gee, thanks. I totally wanna deal with this pain until it decides to fix itself) or you could have a partially collapsed lung, meaning a portion of your lung has folded in on itself."

Hold on. Wait a minute. What the fuck did you just say to me??!! A possible partially collapsed lung?? Shit.

"I am sending you over to the hospital to have some chest x-rays done just to rule out the latter possibility." At this point he has been trying to convince me that the inflammation scenario is the more likely one for several minutes now.

I head on over to the hospital to see radiology for these chest x-rays. Since my doctor didn't ask and there is the possibility, the radiology tech had me take a pregnancy test, which took me an extra 15 minutes of waiting to just get it over with!! After the x-rays were taken and I was leaving the tech informs me that the radiologist would look them over later in the day and I would hear from my doctor in about 2 days. Unless there are questions or concerns with the x-rays I shouldn't hear from the hospital. Okay.

I somehow missed a phone call from the hospital about half an hour after I left there. They didn't leave me a message of any sort but I recognize the number since my grandmother worked there for many years. So, now I am not sure if I should be worried about what the results are or if I should just let it go and wait to hear from my doc in a day or two...I am a little bit anxious to know what's going on and a little more than a little concerned that the hospital gave me a call at all this afternoon.

I suppose for now I will take my anxious butt down to see my honey on his last break at work and tell him what is going on. Hopefully he will have the right thing to say to calm my nerves (he usually does!). Have a bitchin' night y'all!! There are a couple of new posts over on my other blog, so head on over and check them out!!

~The Mouthy Bitch~

Thursday, July 12, 2012

First Stress Free Day In Awhile...

Today was a good day. I started work at my new job. It was good. Nice and relaxing compared to my last job. Only screwed up once today (not bad for my first day) and only had one jackass be rude to me (same customer I screwed up on...Oops). A mistake I'm sure I won't make again and a customer who has lost my respect and whom I probably won't be very nice to from now on (he was a class act douche-bag).

Happened to get home early in the afternoon today (after tomorrow I'll be on swing shift again so no more early mornings!!) and spent the whole sunny day weeding my yard --which needed it horribly, let me tell you!! I have had a smile on my face all day today!! This is new for me....Usually I'm in some sort of a grouchy mood for one reason or another. Today just isn't one of those days. I'm banking on tomorrow being just as good since I only have to work another partial shift tomorrow (since I'm only training today and tomorrow) and I will get to visit with my wonderful Grandmama and my darling Cousin!! I miss them both like crazy!! Wish we could all visit more often.

With this new job and my wonderful new schedule, I should be able to finally devote more of my time and energy into my writing. Perhaps now I will be able to finish some of my projects I have had to set aside...Wish me luck with that!!

I also have to say that I was fairly surprised (and thrilled and honored!! LoL) today when I learned that I had been presented the Liebster Blog Award over on my other blog, Rantings of a Mouthy Bitch. The wonderful Cheryl over at Crap That Bugs Me! felt that my little blog was good enough for this wonderful honor. So, of course, I just had to brag about it over here on The Personals :) What can I say, I am a dork but who cares??
Have to show off the award from my other blog :D

So, now I'm gonna head off to relax for the first time in awhile and just await my honey's return home from work later tonight. I just hope it's not another very long one like last night.....Hope everyone has a bitchin' night!!

~The Mouthy Bitch~

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Wake Up Call This Morning

I don't normally work day shift at my current job. I have expressed in so many ways that I don't want to and that it works better for me to work nights. I still was scheduled to be there at 9:30 this morning. I don't normally sleep very well. Not only do I have horrid insomnia, I also have a problem staying asleep through the night. Some nights, I wake up 3 or 4 times and have a hard time falling back asleep every time. Needless-to-say,  I tend to me such a horribly, cranky bitch in the mornings when I get up (especially if I don't get up of my own accord...LoL) and it takes me quite a while to wake up enough to not be such a crank.

I overslept this morning. Turned the alarm off and went back to sleep. I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often honestly :D The only reason I got out of bed in enough time to only be 5 minutes late for work (I live a block from my current job) is because I awoke to my phone ringing. I usually turn the ringer off before bed--since I hate to be woke up that way--but somehow last night, forgot. Which turned out to be good (because I wasn't more than 5 minutes late to work!!) and then even better because......

I got the job!!! I start first thing Thursday morning :) I couldn't be more excited to start a new job LoL As I mentioned in my previous post, despite actually enjoying the majority of my job and coworkers, I need something new. Something a bit less stressful. This is the opportunity I have been waiting for. It is nothing glamorous or anything, but it is a job and one that is not fast food!! Haha! Tomorrow will be my last day at that place.....A little bit sad but very liberating!

Since I am in a wonderful mood and have been up since super early (which turns out to be an amazing accomplishment for the, who happens to be the world's worst morning person!!), I do believe I will treat myself to a nap. This way, I will be up and awake for when my honey gets home from work :) I have missed him terribly all day and only seeing him for 10 minutes today just really sucks ass! Yet another reason I am excited for this new job :)

Hope everyone is out enjoying this beautiful, hot summer weather!! I know everyone here on the Oregon Coast is (well at least I'm enjoying the heat--now that I'm not at work in it LoL)....It almost never gets this hot with no breeze!! Have a bitchin' day :D

~The Mouthy Bitch~

Monday, July 9, 2012

To Quit or Not to Quit??

The other night while at work, I realized I had a decision to make. Do I just quit or do I suck it up and keep on trucking? I mean, I really don't mind my job at all; I enjoy seeing most of the customers, I enjoy the faster pace of my job, I love the owners of the place (they are terrific people!!) and I really like most of my coworkers. Lately, however, I have been coming to the end of my rapidly fraying rope of patience with the H.S. bullshit and drama that tends to go on there :/ Even though I really love most of the things about my job, I am seriously considering walking away from it.

Perhaps I should back up a little bit. I'm thinking there are a few things that should be made clear from the start. Like, a bit about me and what it is that I do.

I am an Aries. By nature, I am very stubborn and determined. I, also, am not someone who easily lets myself be backed into a corner. I tend to get frustrated easily, can be hard to get along with, and have a very low tolerance for stupidity. On the other hand, I tend to be a really hard worker, a bit of an over-achiever, and a little bit obsessive compulsive.

With that said, I am one of the cooks at one if the little "restaurants" in town. This is the nice way to say that I flip burgers for a living. The owners of this establishment are wonderful people whom I have worked for at more than one of their businesses over the last six and a half years. I love them :) If I could work for them for a long time to come I would. Anyways, I am beginning to veer off track.
And I most certainly do!!

Now, where was I? Oh, yes. That's right. I flip burgers. This is not a very hard job. It is not, by any means, rocket science. Really, all you need is basic common sense and a little bit of a work ethic (meaning you come to your job and, I don't know, actually work). Generally, a pleasant attitude and willingness to help the customers is also required in my line of work--which I suppose also means remembering to be nice to them even when they are idiots and rude to you first (or, heaven forbid, actually wrong). The main point here is, that simply using the brain in your skull is the ONLY hard thing about this job.

Since it would seem this is such an easy job that I rather enjoy doing (most days), it would seem that there should be no reason for me to want to leave at all. That is where you would be wrong. Here is just a sampling of the reasons why I want/need to leave.

  1. The utter lack of brain usage. Since I have had conversations with most of my coworkers, I can say that I don't believe any of them to be idiots. However, the simplest tasks become ginormous obstacles to them and it is utterly frustrating. I shouldn't have to walk someone step-by-step through sweeping and mopping the restaurant...
  2. Complete lack of communication in general. Aside from being one of the cooks, I am also one of the supervisors. With that said, it would make sense for me to be informed of things like what products we are out of, which coworkers have called in (and even if that person's shift was covered or not!!), or if there are changes to the way things should be done. So many times, though, I am not. It gets worse from there but we'll just leave it with non-communication to me.
  3. The almost mutual laziness that others have when it comes to doing their jobs. I don't mean they come to work and do nothing (though that has been the case a few times before--and it was remedied LoL). I mean the half-ass way they do their job. They may do the job but it looks horribly done once they are finished. And they see nothing wrong with that....
  4. And the completely personal attacks that have been going on around there. The lying and the backstabbing. I don't mean just at work. It has surpassed that and crossed over into personal lives. People's personal relationships outside of the workplace are in jeopardy these days. I am not in high school anymore and I don't want to be a part of that. It is stressful and, quite frankly, below my intelligence level.
I could list a few more and definitely go into some details but I won't. Having seen just a few of those reasons written out in front of me has made me realize I am going to quit. For the sake of my sanity. Hey, that means I don't have to recall the list of reasons the job I (hopefully) have lined up is even better for me than this one :D Score!!

Alright, since I have made up my mind to quit, I am gonna head off to bed and get some sleep and rid myself of some of this anxiety before my interview in the morning. Yes, the previously mentioned job I (hopefully) have lined up. I am keeping my fingers crossed on that!! Wish me luck!!

Goodnight all!!

~The Mouthy Bitch~

Friday, July 6, 2012

Welcome to "The Personals"

I have an outlet for all the crap in the world that bugs me at Rantings of a Mouthy Bitch, but I realized I had nowhere to release the everyday crap from my personal life. So this is where The Personals will come in handy :)

From work, to the kiddos, the the honey's ex...this is where I shall find my peace of mind and rant my ass off about any and every thing I want to (and I will leave my "worldly Rantings" for my other blog). I already have a few posts up on there--for anyone interested who didn't happen to stumble keep across this blog from that one :)

So there you have it. A more personal side of me to share with all of you--for the sake of my sanity LoL :D