Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So...It Has Been Awhile....

It has been roughly nine months since my last post here (a little less, I think, for my other blog). A lot has happened in that span of time--how sad it would be if nothing were new! While I've had plenty to rant about over the last few months, I've done something I don't usually do...I've simply kept my big mouth shut. However, the things I have to share now are not of the ranting nature ;)

So, I will start with the beginning of the new year (since that's when all the good stuff comes in hehehe). As of January 4th my honey's divorce is FINAL!! While he didn't get everything he was going for it is a relief to be done with it all and the ex is even being pretty awesome lately about things with Lil Man and has quit her mind games with my honey.

About two weeks after the divorce was final, we picked a date for our wedding!! Super exciting, in my book anyhow ;) We will be Mr. and Mrs. not too long after this time next summer. I have already started ordering things for the wedding and have a terrific support system for the planning. Plus the venue is awesome and VERY reasonably priced.

We welcomed a niece in February and found out about a week later that we are expecting as well!!! My first little bundle of joy (and his second, obviously LoL) and I couldn't be happier. Not one teeny little bit. Right now, I am just over 15 weeks and so very excited to find out what we are having in a few weeks.

Right after we found out we are expecting a baby, my wonderful sissy informed me she will be expecting her second baby about a month after ours meets the world <3 I couldn't be more excited about the addition!! I just wish she were closer and not half a country away from me LoL

After the news that we were expecting, the joy just spread like wild fire!!! I have SO many friends who are expecting right now. Many of them are expecting their first (and several of them have been trying for a very long time--yay that it finally happened guys!!!) while a few are on their second pregnancies :) So many babies in so little time....

Did I forget to mention that the ex is due a month before me?? She is. Before the question is even asked, the answer is: no, my honey is not the daddy to that one :) But, this means that Lil Man will be a big brother to two new babies (one in each home) in such a short time...exciting and I'm sure a bit overwhelming for the little guy but I'm sure he will handle it like a champ :)

I know that there HAS to be more in there, but....it is about time I take my butt to bed. Me and the little one need to get some much needed.rest :)

As always, thanks for reading and have a bitchin' day!!

~The Mouthy Bitch~