Who is The Mouthy Bitch??

Well, I am obviously!! Ha ha! Okay, seriously.  My basic user profile is right on my blog and tells you a bit about me. Then there is this post, which gives you a little bit more of me. So, now I guess, is where I tell you more :)
Texas Pride till I die!!

I am a displaced southern girl. Born and raised in Texas for most of my life and then I was moved to Oregon, where I have resided for most of the last decade (minus a brief stint in Nevada following high school graduation), by my mother. While her reasoning may have been good, I was a very bitter teenage girl when I moved to Oregon. It has grown on me little by little every year that I have been here. It is beautiful. But I miss my home state terribly (possibly just the heat and my wonderful family LoL) and wish to visit often.

I can be a rather loud person (I've been told it's because I am Italian, Irish, German, and Welsh but that is debatable LoL) but I am quite possibly one of the quietest people in my family (well my half Italian father's side of the family anyhow LoL). I am strongly opinionated though very open-minded. I am blunt since I don't see any point in lying or candy coating the truth. I have no problem for standing up for what I believe in. I am not out to win some popularity contest or make hundreds of friends, so I don't really give a rat's ass what people think of me. I couldn't live without music--listening to it or playing it (I play the clarinet!). It soothes my soul.

I love to write. I have been doing it quite possibly my whole life LoL For as long as I can remember I have always been doing some sort of writing. It started with short stories and moved onto lengthy diary entries. Once I hit the 8th grade, thanks to a wonderful English teacher I had, I dove head first into poetry. I have just under 400 of them!! While I don't think most of them are good, I have been told by many people that they are indeed well written. Perhaps I will get them organized properly one day and actually get around to publishing them in a book. Speaking of books, I am in the process of writing one of those too. I've only just started so I have no idea when it will be done--especially since I haven't recently set aside time to work on it. I may or may not keep you guys periodically updated on my progress on that. As of earlier this year, I have also taken up blogging. It helps keep me sane :)

I am (at this moment in time) 25 years old. I did graduate high school and I graduated from the local community college with an Associates Transfer Degree. I didn't, however, finish getting my bachelor's/master's degrees for various personal reasons. Once I get my loans paid off I am going back to finish. I was (and will be again soon I hope) majoring in Education and Learning with a Special Education endorsement and minoring in Psychology. My ultimate goal is to work with children on the Autism Spectrum. I have worked with them in the past as an aide and that is where I found my passion to be. I have always known from an early age that I was going to teach one day, but working with those wonderful children and really getting through to them is what my heart desires. And for whatever reason, I can connect with them. I love it!!

And I'll be his till the end of time!
I have never been married before--though that doesn't mean I haven't dodged the bullet a few times. Last year (after nine years, as he is quick to remind me LoL) I finally agreed to date the man I am now with--whom I usually refer to as my honey. He is also Texas born and raised. A true southern gentleman and tough as nails when he needs to be. He has been my best friend since we met ten years ago. He knows everything about me. Every secret, every fear, every desire. He has seen every single side of me, good and bad, and still loves me just the same. He takes it all in stride with a smile, a hug, and kiss every single time. He is understanding and supportive and truly is a wonderful man. I really shouldn't have waited nine long years to say yes, but I did. Now I have the chance to spend the rest of my life making sure he knows the wait was worth it :)

Since I mentioned it took me nine years to agree to date my honey, I should tell you that he is working on his second divorce. Ouch, I know. He knows. The second marriage is where little man comes into the picture. He is such an adorable little boy :) He is two and half years old and every bit like his daddy!! When my honey and I started dating last year, we got to have little man every single weekend, every other holiday, and on my honey's vacation time from his job. Just recently, however, she has decided that we can only have little man every other weekend...We are not pleased but we will let the court figure it out....

Speaking of that....This is where I should warn that from time to time I might mention the ex in a post. Little man's mother is whom I would be referring to. I should just leave it at that....

Every other weekend, we have the privilege of keeping my honey's 4 year old niece and nephew. I will refer to them as the twins (which, yes, they really are). While they can be quite a handful (especially since the boy is very hyper-active and quite defiant sometimes) they are wonderful to have over. It gives them time to spend with their cousin (which little man really needs LoL) and with their uncle. I just wish I could be home when they are to spend time with them too :(

I should probably also mention Miz Piglet, my 5 year old kitty. I love her dearly but she is a bitch LoL She takes after me in so many ways it is kind of scary!! But she is perfect for me and I wouldn't give her up for the world.

So, that is probably a rather superficial description of myself and the brood at my house but it is what it is. Take it or leave it. You'll come to know (and hopefully love) me as you read more of my blog.

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