Sunday, September 29, 2013

Another Long Overdue Update from Yours Truly, The Mouthy Bitch

Well, it has been awhile since my last post...I know, I know...I keep doing this to you guys, my avid readers, and I apologize.

Anywho. On to why we are really here. You want to know what's been going on in our tiny part of the world, so here it is. The update you have all been anxiously awaiting :)

I have officially hit the 35 week mark in this pregnancy. 5 weeks left to go and I'm ready to call it quits LoL Not that I haven't enjoyed the luxuries of being pregnant--eating whatever I want (not that I couldn't before but now I have an excuse LoL), napping whenever the urge (and ability to do so) strikes, crying at stupid things and not needing to explain why, etc.-- but this last trimester is really kicking my ass!!

Pain, pain, and more pain :/  Not fun in the slightest way. For the record, pelvic pain is just awful and I am VERY jealous of you women who never experienced it...just saying :) It is bad enough, I had to quit my job (2 1/2 weeks earlier than planned) just for the hope there might be some relief in staying home and resting as much as possible. So far, no such luck on that front. However, it has only been a few days since I quit...We will give it a few more until I can really know.

The reality of quitting my job hit me full-force last night though. I cried. Hard. For about half an hour :/ Not because I will miss the place or the people but because I have made my own money since I was 8 years old....Now I will not be making any money and my last paycheck is going to be pathetic when I pick it up next week. We have bills to pay and while it isn't much compared to his income, mine definitely helped. Things will be ok and it will all work out but I am still a bit down and stressed about it...

I also realized last night that we have yet to buy a single diaper for this little girl. We have nothing for her in that arena. No diapers, wipes, dresser or changing table of any kind. Makes me a tiny bit sad and makes me feel a teensy bit unprepared. We have, however, had an outpouring of awesome things given to us. Clothes, blankets, bottles, spoons, a bassinet, bath gear and a nice stroller to name a few things :) I just love getting these things for her!! All the outfits are adorable and I can't wait to put them on her!

While we have picked a first name for our little darling, we are having a very hard time choosing a middle name for her. 5 weeks left!! We need to get on this (though I will admit, I think I might be the hold up on this one ) LoL

We had a bit of a scare a few weeks back when my sissy ended up at the hospital having contractions at 24 weeks. Doctors got it all under control and her and her daughter (I'm so excited for another niece!!) are doing just fine. Good and healthy and she is taking it easy until that baby girl gets here :) The worst part about it all? The fact that she lives so far away and I couldn't be there for/with her :/ It sucked.

In slightly related news...The ex had her daughter Saturday morning. A little early but they are both good and healthy. Little man is officially a big brother!! It is still in the air over whether or not he fully grasps the concept but we will soon see. He has seen her once so far seeing as we have had him since she went into labor a few days ago...Next week when she has him will be the real test ;)

Oh!! Did I mention that Little Man is finally in preschool (only one day a week for now) and that he is almost completely potty trained? Oh, I didn't?? Well he most certainly is on both accounts. The best thing about him being in preschool now? The fact that we get to have him exactly half the time :) One week on and one week off rotation. It is gonna be interesting but it should be fun!!

For now, that is all. I'm tired and sore and should take my butt to bed. Thanks for reading!! Leave some feedback (or not it's your call LoL).

As always, have a bitchin' day and enjoy!! :)

~*The Mouthy Bitch*~