Friday, August 24, 2012

Boredom is Going to be the Death of Me....

I love my new job. I really, really do. Aside from the assholes that stroll on through and the other people I don't like that come in, it truly is a decent job. I get to work half the days and still make pretty much the same amount of money.

With that being said, I HATE all the down time I have. I am not used to not working all the time. I am not designed to be sitting at home all day for days on end with nothing to do, no way to go do anything (we have no car--but we do, it is complicated), and no one to come hang out with me. I am so fucking bored I don't know whether to bang my head against a wall, scream, or cry!

Okay, okay. So I suppose there are things to be done around here but really, there isn't much. I can only do so much of the same crap everyday before I wanna scream out of boredom.

While I know I could be should be doing the dishes that are piled in my sink, I HATE doing the dishes. That is actually the only chore I despise doing (other than dusting which I NEVER do). I should also probably mop my kitchen is looking rather disgusting as of late. I could also sweep my carpet (my vacuum is broken, don't laugh) but honestly, it doesn't REALLY need it yet and that is WAY more work than it is worth at this point.

But, who really wants to do housework on their day off from work?? And what do you do when it is all done???

That is the problem I keep running into. And, quite frankly, the pure boredom is making me rather bitchy. I realized this earlier when my honey called me on his last break at work and I got all snappy with him (I'm sorry babe!) and then almost cried for feeling bad, because my utter boredom is not his fault and there is NOTHING he can do about it.

Maybe my bitchiness is a jealous reaction to his 10 hour work days....Hmmm....I NEED to go back to work already....

Even worse? I picked up my new schedule for this next month yesterday....I have TWO full 7 day weeks off (not back to back mind you)!!! What in the hell am I gonna find to do with all that time??


I guess I could be finishing up the project I have started for my other blog. I am participating in Suicide Prevention Awareness Week this year by posting one blog a day (suicide related info and what not) for the whole week. I have a great outline done. I have the first two posts pretty much done. I am at a standstill, however. I am still waiting on personal stories to incorporate into the posts. I have four left that need to be "submitted" to me. Until that happens, I can't really finish anything up. I gave everyone until the 5th of September....I'm hoping they all come in on time.

With all this down time from my job, I suppose I should start investing a little more time into BOTH of my blogs. It would help me pass the time and hopefully keep me a little less bitchy in the real world :) Until then.....

Enjoy and have a bitchin' day!!

~The Mouthy Bitch~

Thursday, August 2, 2012

10 Things I Hate About My Job

Alright, alright. So I haven't had my job for even a full month yet, but that doesn't mean I don't already have a list of things that really aggravate me about it. Don't get me wrong, this is probably one of the best (and least stressful) jobs I've ever had in my life. I really do like this job and will probably be doing it for awhile.

Now, with that cleared up, here is what I hate the most about my new job: people. That happens to be a problem. Since most of you probably aren't aware of what it is I do, I will tell you. I am a gas attendant/cashier. That means I not only ring people up at the register (making small talk and such), I also have to go out and pump their gas for them (usually requiring some sort of small talk as well). You can see how my hatred for people is a problem at this job.

I decided that it might be beneficial to potential customers if they were aware of why I hate them; so that perhaps they will either do or not do the things on my list to receive better service. You know, the kind with a smile and kind words? Here's my list of the (kinds of) people I hate with brief(ish) explanations:

1. People who really fucking stink!!

**Before I really begin to bitch about this, I should make you aware of something. The little town I live in is on the bay. That means there is tons of fishing and crabbing that happens. I am NOT in any way bitching about the ever-present fishy smell that permeates the air or from the people who work directly with the fish.**


Or brush you teeth from time to time. Perhaps washing the practically rotting, putrid clothing that is clinging to your revolting frame would be a good idea....

While I would assume that this would need no explanation, the amount of extremely smelly people with whom I have to converse with on a daily basis is rather disheartening--and vomit inducing sometimes...This isn't always a problem when I go out to pump gas for people but when I am inside behind the register, believe me when I say I can fucking smell you--even if you are immune to your own stench. Remember that the next time you feel the need to go out in public and do us all a favor: Wash your clothes, shower, and brush your damn teeth. Please and thank you.

2. People who get Pissed at ME when I tell them that they are not allowed to pump their own gas--with the exceptions of classic cars, motorcycles, and boats (I am not even going to give my-"clumsy-ass"-self the opportunity to screw up your expensive beauties....and it is store policy LoL).

In the state of Oregon it is the law (while I don't actually know the reason for this law, it is probably a "job security" thing) that an attendant pump your gas for you. You are not even allowed to touch the pumps--even if we run a credit card, we don't need your pin number, trust me. This is NOT something I just made up in my head because I thought it would be fun. The law is the law no matter how dumb you think it is and I am not breaking it just so I don't have to hear you whine the whole time I stand there. So quit your bitchin'!! For crying out loud, you would think people would be pleased to be able to sit on their asses in their cars and let someone else do the work!! I don't even expect a tip for doing this. IT IS MY JOB, after all.

3. People who get pissed off when I don't automatically wash their windows for them.

It is the state law that I have to pump your gas for you. Washing your windows is NOT something I am required by law, or even my job description given to me by my boss, to do. It is something I am more than happy to do for you IF you ask me politely. However, since it is something extra (not part of my job) it would be nice if you would tip me when I do it--especially if I "happily" do it after you're a dick about me not doing it in the first place.

4. People who park a mile away from the damn gas pumps. Okay, maybe it isn't really a mile but, seriously, do you have to park so far away from the fucking pumps?? That hose only reaches so far before it disconnects from the pumps, as a safety measure. If this happens, that means I can't put gas in your car. Park closer.
One example of what not to do....
**As a bit of a side not on this one, turning your cars off, not smoking, and pulling into the pumps with your tank on the right side are ALL also highly appreciated and (with the exception of the last one--which is common sense LoL) required by law.**

5. People who bitch and moan--sometimes even yelling at me--about the prices, as well as the fact that we don't have diesel fuel (despite having a non-working button--I have no idea why it is even on there--on the pumps labeled diesel and no hose for diesel fuel to come out of) or lottery tickets.

I work there. I don't own the place. I don't buy the inventory. I don't decide what we do or don't carry. I don't have say over the prices of anything.

Not the cigarettes or the beer. Not the gasoline or the grocery items. I don't get to decide whether or not we carry diesel fuel or lottery tickets. These things simply aren't up to me to decide. Therefore, I don't want to hear your whining, and I certainly don't deserve to be yelled at for it either.

6. People who think they can pull up to my gas pumps and park just so that they can come inside to get stuff.

This just pisses me off. We have designated parking for customers. There is ALWAYS a place to park. When you pull up to the pumps, you drive over a set of hoses that lead to a little (very loud and annoying) bell goes off and lets us know you have arrived. It goes off every time your wheels go over the hose--front and back. Every pump has a hose....After nine hours of listening to it go off, I hate when you pull up and tell me you don't need gas you just want to buy something...Seriously. It makes me want to punch you in the face. Quit fucking doing it!!

I'm not the only one that it pisses off either. When you do this, you are blocking other customers from getting tended to. This in turn, pisses them off and when I do finally get them up to the pump, I am the one who has to listen to the bitching. Thanks asshole.

7. People who get pissed at me because we don't accept EBT (food stamps) cards at our store.

THIS IS NOT MY CHOICE PEOPLE!! There is nothing that I can do about this. I can't even accept your card and then pretend later that I forgot. Our system simply isn't set up to do it. If you can't pay me with anything else, take your business up the road to the grocery store where they do accept your card and do it without bitching at me about it.

8. People who get pissed at me because I do not give free food from the hot-case out at the end of the night.

It is store policy--again, not my decision--and I am NOT about to risk my job just because you don't want to pay a couple of bucks for the fucking food. Most of you whiners are regular customers and know that it is our policy, yet you continuously hound me to do it. Not happening. Quit your bitching and get over it.

9. People who consistently short me on money for their gas/food/cigarettes.

I'm not talking about the occasional customer who happens to be a few cents to a dollar shy. I am talking about regular customers who come in on a daily basis--sometimes multiple times a day!!--and short me almost every single time. They almost always get the exact same thing every single time they come in.


While I may seem polite in covering your ass because you can't be responsible enough to remember to bring the right amount in, I secretly hate your guts and dread seeing you as you walk through the doors.

10. People who get pissed at ME when THEY pull in after we are closed.

If you see that all the signs are off, and pretty much every light in the store is off, keep driving. Common sense tells you that we are probably closed. Just because you think you can pull up to our pumps at one or two minutes after we are closed, does NOT mean we are entitled to hop on out and help you. In fact, it means we aren't going to and probably can't. We shut the pumps down at closing time, meaning they are turned off, and we aren't allowed to turn them back on. Sorry. Not my problem. Hope your car makes it home.

**Most of these pissed off people are regular customers who know exactly what time we close.**


I'm sure as I keep working here I will find more things that piss me off. I'm sure I'll even find things about the job itself that piss me off over time LoL For now though, I hope that my regulars and future potentials alike take the above advice. Trust me, you'll probably get much better service from me!!

Have a bitchin' day!!

~The Mouthy Bitch~