Saturday, October 5, 2013

One Week In....

I made it through the first week of not working. I can't say I have enjoyed it, but I can't say I've hated it either :)

What have I been doing with all of the (sudden) free time? Oh, you know...Going out of my mind. Seriously. I think I'm losing it LoL

Ok. So maybe I'm not really losing my mind but it damn sure feels like it! I think I just might have a touch of cabin fever...

Since it hurts to get up off my butt to walk any distance, I have only left my house 3 times this week....Only because it was absolutely necessary (damn appointments). That means....

I've literally been cooped up with little man in the house for a week...watching the same movies over and over again because it hurts to get up and change the discs for him :( I'm so glad he is pretty much potty trained because it would suck to have to get up and down off the floor a ton of times to change him. It kills me to do it at nap/bedtime (the only time he needs them now). Actually, he almost doesn't even need one for nap now. 3 days in a row he has woken up from his nap completely dry and asking to use the toilet :) Yay!!!

Anywho. The pelvic pain obviously hasn't gotten any better since I quit work. Some days, it almost feels worse :/ To top it off, I have an awesomely not awesome heat rash right next to where the elastic on my underwear sits...Yea, it sucks. Makes moving to do anything absolutely deplorable.

But, enough of that whining....

I discovered today that the Head Start program we have little man in may not even run past November 1st, due to lack of funds caused by this damned governmental shutdown. It won't really affect us because the ex and my honey had already decided to pull him out, however it is awful to hear. One day a week with the stipulations to him being there just isn't really worth it (something all 3 of us are in agreement of). We will put him in next year.

Best thing to happen in the last week? We finally have a full name for our baby girl!!! :) We finally agreed on it yesterday. I am beyond excited and very much relieved to have finally agreed upon something.

**Sorry!! Can't tell ya what we picked...if you're friend or family, you already know...No one else needs to know the kids' names.**

Worst thing to happen this week? My honey smashed up the screen on his phone at work yesterday (hmmm...yesterday was kind of a crazy day here LoL). I'm glad we have insurance on our phones. I got him a replacement phone ordered and shipped out tonight :) Should be here later today. If not, I guess he's out of a phone until Monday.

That is pretty much my week in a nutshell. I left all the tiny frustrations out (there were way too many LoL) but a terribly uneventful week to say the least. Down to less than 30 days before little miss finally arrives!! Damn, I can't wait :)

Well, I'm going to go drink a cup of coffee and relax today since my honey is home for the weekend :) As always, have a bitchin' day and enjoy!!

~*The Mouthy Bitch~*

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Another Long Overdue Update from Yours Truly, The Mouthy Bitch

Well, it has been awhile since my last post...I know, I know...I keep doing this to you guys, my avid readers, and I apologize.

Anywho. On to why we are really here. You want to know what's been going on in our tiny part of the world, so here it is. The update you have all been anxiously awaiting :)

I have officially hit the 35 week mark in this pregnancy. 5 weeks left to go and I'm ready to call it quits LoL Not that I haven't enjoyed the luxuries of being pregnant--eating whatever I want (not that I couldn't before but now I have an excuse LoL), napping whenever the urge (and ability to do so) strikes, crying at stupid things and not needing to explain why, etc.-- but this last trimester is really kicking my ass!!

Pain, pain, and more pain :/  Not fun in the slightest way. For the record, pelvic pain is just awful and I am VERY jealous of you women who never experienced it...just saying :) It is bad enough, I had to quit my job (2 1/2 weeks earlier than planned) just for the hope there might be some relief in staying home and resting as much as possible. So far, no such luck on that front. However, it has only been a few days since I quit...We will give it a few more until I can really know.

The reality of quitting my job hit me full-force last night though. I cried. Hard. For about half an hour :/ Not because I will miss the place or the people but because I have made my own money since I was 8 years old....Now I will not be making any money and my last paycheck is going to be pathetic when I pick it up next week. We have bills to pay and while it isn't much compared to his income, mine definitely helped. Things will be ok and it will all work out but I am still a bit down and stressed about it...

I also realized last night that we have yet to buy a single diaper for this little girl. We have nothing for her in that arena. No diapers, wipes, dresser or changing table of any kind. Makes me a tiny bit sad and makes me feel a teensy bit unprepared. We have, however, had an outpouring of awesome things given to us. Clothes, blankets, bottles, spoons, a bassinet, bath gear and a nice stroller to name a few things :) I just love getting these things for her!! All the outfits are adorable and I can't wait to put them on her!

While we have picked a first name for our little darling, we are having a very hard time choosing a middle name for her. 5 weeks left!! We need to get on this (though I will admit, I think I might be the hold up on this one ) LoL

We had a bit of a scare a few weeks back when my sissy ended up at the hospital having contractions at 24 weeks. Doctors got it all under control and her and her daughter (I'm so excited for another niece!!) are doing just fine. Good and healthy and she is taking it easy until that baby girl gets here :) The worst part about it all? The fact that she lives so far away and I couldn't be there for/with her :/ It sucked.

In slightly related news...The ex had her daughter Saturday morning. A little early but they are both good and healthy. Little man is officially a big brother!! It is still in the air over whether or not he fully grasps the concept but we will soon see. He has seen her once so far seeing as we have had him since she went into labor a few days ago...Next week when she has him will be the real test ;)

Oh!! Did I mention that Little Man is finally in preschool (only one day a week for now) and that he is almost completely potty trained? Oh, I didn't?? Well he most certainly is on both accounts. The best thing about him being in preschool now? The fact that we get to have him exactly half the time :) One week on and one week off rotation. It is gonna be interesting but it should be fun!!

For now, that is all. I'm tired and sore and should take my butt to bed. Thanks for reading!! Leave some feedback (or not it's your call LoL).

As always, have a bitchin' day and enjoy!! :)

~*The Mouthy Bitch*~

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So...It Has Been Awhile....

It has been roughly nine months since my last post here (a little less, I think, for my other blog). A lot has happened in that span of time--how sad it would be if nothing were new! While I've had plenty to rant about over the last few months, I've done something I don't usually do...I've simply kept my big mouth shut. However, the things I have to share now are not of the ranting nature ;)

So, I will start with the beginning of the new year (since that's when all the good stuff comes in hehehe). As of January 4th my honey's divorce is FINAL!! While he didn't get everything he was going for it is a relief to be done with it all and the ex is even being pretty awesome lately about things with Lil Man and has quit her mind games with my honey.

About two weeks after the divorce was final, we picked a date for our wedding!! Super exciting, in my book anyhow ;) We will be Mr. and Mrs. not too long after this time next summer. I have already started ordering things for the wedding and have a terrific support system for the planning. Plus the venue is awesome and VERY reasonably priced.

We welcomed a niece in February and found out about a week later that we are expecting as well!!! My first little bundle of joy (and his second, obviously LoL) and I couldn't be happier. Not one teeny little bit. Right now, I am just over 15 weeks and so very excited to find out what we are having in a few weeks.

Right after we found out we are expecting a baby, my wonderful sissy informed me she will be expecting her second baby about a month after ours meets the world <3 I couldn't be more excited about the addition!! I just wish she were closer and not half a country away from me LoL

After the news that we were expecting, the joy just spread like wild fire!!! I have SO many friends who are expecting right now. Many of them are expecting their first (and several of them have been trying for a very long time--yay that it finally happened guys!!!) while a few are on their second pregnancies :) So many babies in so little time....

Did I forget to mention that the ex is due a month before me?? She is. Before the question is even asked, the answer is: no, my honey is not the daddy to that one :) But, this means that Lil Man will be a big brother to two new babies (one in each home) in such a short time...exciting and I'm sure a bit overwhelming for the little guy but I'm sure he will handle it like a champ :)

I know that there HAS to be more in there, is about time I take my butt to bed. Me and the little one need to get some much :)

As always, thanks for reading and have a bitchin' day!!

~The Mouthy Bitch~

Friday, August 24, 2012

Boredom is Going to be the Death of Me....

I love my new job. I really, really do. Aside from the assholes that stroll on through and the other people I don't like that come in, it truly is a decent job. I get to work half the days and still make pretty much the same amount of money.

With that being said, I HATE all the down time I have. I am not used to not working all the time. I am not designed to be sitting at home all day for days on end with nothing to do, no way to go do anything (we have no car--but we do, it is complicated), and no one to come hang out with me. I am so fucking bored I don't know whether to bang my head against a wall, scream, or cry!

Okay, okay. So I suppose there are things to be done around here but really, there isn't much. I can only do so much of the same crap everyday before I wanna scream out of boredom.

While I know I could be should be doing the dishes that are piled in my sink, I HATE doing the dishes. That is actually the only chore I despise doing (other than dusting which I NEVER do). I should also probably mop my kitchen is looking rather disgusting as of late. I could also sweep my carpet (my vacuum is broken, don't laugh) but honestly, it doesn't REALLY need it yet and that is WAY more work than it is worth at this point.

But, who really wants to do housework on their day off from work?? And what do you do when it is all done???

That is the problem I keep running into. And, quite frankly, the pure boredom is making me rather bitchy. I realized this earlier when my honey called me on his last break at work and I got all snappy with him (I'm sorry babe!) and then almost cried for feeling bad, because my utter boredom is not his fault and there is NOTHING he can do about it.

Maybe my bitchiness is a jealous reaction to his 10 hour work days....Hmmm....I NEED to go back to work already....

Even worse? I picked up my new schedule for this next month yesterday....I have TWO full 7 day weeks off (not back to back mind you)!!! What in the hell am I gonna find to do with all that time??


I guess I could be finishing up the project I have started for my other blog. I am participating in Suicide Prevention Awareness Week this year by posting one blog a day (suicide related info and what not) for the whole week. I have a great outline done. I have the first two posts pretty much done. I am at a standstill, however. I am still waiting on personal stories to incorporate into the posts. I have four left that need to be "submitted" to me. Until that happens, I can't really finish anything up. I gave everyone until the 5th of September....I'm hoping they all come in on time.

With all this down time from my job, I suppose I should start investing a little more time into BOTH of my blogs. It would help me pass the time and hopefully keep me a little less bitchy in the real world :) Until then.....

Enjoy and have a bitchin' day!!

~The Mouthy Bitch~

Thursday, August 2, 2012

10 Things I Hate About My Job

Alright, alright. So I haven't had my job for even a full month yet, but that doesn't mean I don't already have a list of things that really aggravate me about it. Don't get me wrong, this is probably one of the best (and least stressful) jobs I've ever had in my life. I really do like this job and will probably be doing it for awhile.

Now, with that cleared up, here is what I hate the most about my new job: people. That happens to be a problem. Since most of you probably aren't aware of what it is I do, I will tell you. I am a gas attendant/cashier. That means I not only ring people up at the register (making small talk and such), I also have to go out and pump their gas for them (usually requiring some sort of small talk as well). You can see how my hatred for people is a problem at this job.

I decided that it might be beneficial to potential customers if they were aware of why I hate them; so that perhaps they will either do or not do the things on my list to receive better service. You know, the kind with a smile and kind words? Here's my list of the (kinds of) people I hate with brief(ish) explanations:

1. People who really fucking stink!!

**Before I really begin to bitch about this, I should make you aware of something. The little town I live in is on the bay. That means there is tons of fishing and crabbing that happens. I am NOT in any way bitching about the ever-present fishy smell that permeates the air or from the people who work directly with the fish.**


Or brush you teeth from time to time. Perhaps washing the practically rotting, putrid clothing that is clinging to your revolting frame would be a good idea....

While I would assume that this would need no explanation, the amount of extremely smelly people with whom I have to converse with on a daily basis is rather disheartening--and vomit inducing sometimes...This isn't always a problem when I go out to pump gas for people but when I am inside behind the register, believe me when I say I can fucking smell you--even if you are immune to your own stench. Remember that the next time you feel the need to go out in public and do us all a favor: Wash your clothes, shower, and brush your damn teeth. Please and thank you.

2. People who get Pissed at ME when I tell them that they are not allowed to pump their own gas--with the exceptions of classic cars, motorcycles, and boats (I am not even going to give my-"clumsy-ass"-self the opportunity to screw up your expensive beauties....and it is store policy LoL).

In the state of Oregon it is the law (while I don't actually know the reason for this law, it is probably a "job security" thing) that an attendant pump your gas for you. You are not even allowed to touch the pumps--even if we run a credit card, we don't need your pin number, trust me. This is NOT something I just made up in my head because I thought it would be fun. The law is the law no matter how dumb you think it is and I am not breaking it just so I don't have to hear you whine the whole time I stand there. So quit your bitchin'!! For crying out loud, you would think people would be pleased to be able to sit on their asses in their cars and let someone else do the work!! I don't even expect a tip for doing this. IT IS MY JOB, after all.

3. People who get pissed off when I don't automatically wash their windows for them.

It is the state law that I have to pump your gas for you. Washing your windows is NOT something I am required by law, or even my job description given to me by my boss, to do. It is something I am more than happy to do for you IF you ask me politely. However, since it is something extra (not part of my job) it would be nice if you would tip me when I do it--especially if I "happily" do it after you're a dick about me not doing it in the first place.

4. People who park a mile away from the damn gas pumps. Okay, maybe it isn't really a mile but, seriously, do you have to park so far away from the fucking pumps?? That hose only reaches so far before it disconnects from the pumps, as a safety measure. If this happens, that means I can't put gas in your car. Park closer.
One example of what not to do....
**As a bit of a side not on this one, turning your cars off, not smoking, and pulling into the pumps with your tank on the right side are ALL also highly appreciated and (with the exception of the last one--which is common sense LoL) required by law.**

5. People who bitch and moan--sometimes even yelling at me--about the prices, as well as the fact that we don't have diesel fuel (despite having a non-working button--I have no idea why it is even on there--on the pumps labeled diesel and no hose for diesel fuel to come out of) or lottery tickets.

I work there. I don't own the place. I don't buy the inventory. I don't decide what we do or don't carry. I don't have say over the prices of anything.

Not the cigarettes or the beer. Not the gasoline or the grocery items. I don't get to decide whether or not we carry diesel fuel or lottery tickets. These things simply aren't up to me to decide. Therefore, I don't want to hear your whining, and I certainly don't deserve to be yelled at for it either.

6. People who think they can pull up to my gas pumps and park just so that they can come inside to get stuff.

This just pisses me off. We have designated parking for customers. There is ALWAYS a place to park. When you pull up to the pumps, you drive over a set of hoses that lead to a little (very loud and annoying) bell goes off and lets us know you have arrived. It goes off every time your wheels go over the hose--front and back. Every pump has a hose....After nine hours of listening to it go off, I hate when you pull up and tell me you don't need gas you just want to buy something...Seriously. It makes me want to punch you in the face. Quit fucking doing it!!

I'm not the only one that it pisses off either. When you do this, you are blocking other customers from getting tended to. This in turn, pisses them off and when I do finally get them up to the pump, I am the one who has to listen to the bitching. Thanks asshole.

7. People who get pissed at me because we don't accept EBT (food stamps) cards at our store.

THIS IS NOT MY CHOICE PEOPLE!! There is nothing that I can do about this. I can't even accept your card and then pretend later that I forgot. Our system simply isn't set up to do it. If you can't pay me with anything else, take your business up the road to the grocery store where they do accept your card and do it without bitching at me about it.

8. People who get pissed at me because I do not give free food from the hot-case out at the end of the night.

It is store policy--again, not my decision--and I am NOT about to risk my job just because you don't want to pay a couple of bucks for the fucking food. Most of you whiners are regular customers and know that it is our policy, yet you continuously hound me to do it. Not happening. Quit your bitching and get over it.

9. People who consistently short me on money for their gas/food/cigarettes.

I'm not talking about the occasional customer who happens to be a few cents to a dollar shy. I am talking about regular customers who come in on a daily basis--sometimes multiple times a day!!--and short me almost every single time. They almost always get the exact same thing every single time they come in.


While I may seem polite in covering your ass because you can't be responsible enough to remember to bring the right amount in, I secretly hate your guts and dread seeing you as you walk through the doors.

10. People who get pissed at ME when THEY pull in after we are closed.

If you see that all the signs are off, and pretty much every light in the store is off, keep driving. Common sense tells you that we are probably closed. Just because you think you can pull up to our pumps at one or two minutes after we are closed, does NOT mean we are entitled to hop on out and help you. In fact, it means we aren't going to and probably can't. We shut the pumps down at closing time, meaning they are turned off, and we aren't allowed to turn them back on. Sorry. Not my problem. Hope your car makes it home.

**Most of these pissed off people are regular customers who know exactly what time we close.**


I'm sure as I keep working here I will find more things that piss me off. I'm sure I'll even find things about the job itself that piss me off over time LoL For now though, I hope that my regulars and future potentials alike take the above advice. Trust me, you'll probably get much better service from me!!

Have a bitchin' day!!

~The Mouthy Bitch~

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What The Fuck Is Wrong With Her???

My honey is horrible at opening his mail. I realized this the other day when I was scouring his desk for all of his bank statements--we are trying to prove that he DOES pay child support already without an order for one. This was two nights before we were suppose to have the child support hearing--which was rescheduled by the way. While on my hunt for my honey's old statements I happened upon one for lil man's college fund account that my honey has for him. This particular statement showed us that the ex has completely cleaned out this account.

Yes, you did read that correctly. That dumb, scuzzy, bitch took ALL of her child's college money out of his account. We have no idea what the fuck she did that for, other than to be a scuzzy, greedy whore. What the fuck kind of parent does that to their child?? That shit is absolutely ridiculous and makes me think EVEN LESS of her than I already did....And that is a pretty low opinion of a person, if you ask me.

What is even worse than her taking her own child's college money?? The fact that there is not one damn thing we can do about it legally. They are technically still married (and, oh boy, can I not wait for the damn divorce to be finalized) and because of a misunderstanding with the bank when they opened the account, she had full access to it. What the fuck is wrong with her??
And, oh boy, do I hope it needs help!! :D

Her doing this just screams to her child, "It is okay to take whatever you want" and, god damn it, it is NOT okay!! You aren't suppose to teach your child that stealing is okay...At least I'm pretty sure that is a rule somewhere or something LoL

It just infuriates me. I am thoroughly disgusted with her and the kind of person she is. Hell, I could go on for days about why I don't like her and have the opinion of her that I do. But, I won't. This particular incident, however, I just can't keep festering inside of me...

So, there you have it. I hate that stupid bitch and this is just one of many reasons why. Hope you enjoyed my vent session. As this all unfolds I am sure there will be more to come from time to time. Everyone have a bitchin' night :)

~The Mouthy Bitch~

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Rather Long Update.....

The last week has been a little odd and slightly frustrating but overall good. I realize I have a few things to update you on so, here goes.


Last time I was on here, I talked about having to go to the hospital for chest x-rays and that I received a missed call from them in which they didn't leave me a message. This had me slightly perplexed.

Well, I figured out exactly why the hospital called me after I left there on Monday. I found this out the next morning as I was getting ready to leave my house to go pick up my paychecks--my last one from my old job and my first one from the new one LoL. (1)They were calling me because my dumb ass left my god-damned ID card at the receptionists desk. Why they could not have simply left me a message to tell me this, so I could've picked it up on my way back by there, is absolutely beyond me.

I couldn't decide between this emotion....
Once I realize that my ID is missing I instantly realized why the hospital must have called me. So, I promptly call them only to find out that they had decided to mail me the ID. (2) I didn't think about asking them when I had them on the phone, but once I hung up instant panic set in--again. The address on my ID card is completely wrong. It still has my address from a year and a half ago on it (I know, I know. My fault entirely.) and I wasn't sure if they would send it there or to the new address I gave them.

....Or this one. I did yell and cry, btw.

Needless to say, I was a very frustrated person Tuesday when I realized I had two paychecks that I couldn't do a damned thing with. I have NEVER left my ID card anywhere before and I couldn't believe I had left it at the damn hospital and would have to wait until it arrived in my mailbox (or didn't) in a day or two. If it had gotten sent to the old address, I at least have a girlfriend of mine who still lives there who could've intercepted it and sent it my way.

It showed up in my mailbox the next day. I promptly walked across the street to get it cashed only to walk in and be told that they wouldn't be able to cash it because they had already cashed too many paychecks (their own, by the way, since my luck would have it to walk in on their payday) and didn't have the cash to even try.

At this point I am pretty pissed, but only because I found out in this conversation (4) that if I had walked back down there at any point the evening before I could've cashed both checks without having my ID. The main guy there (not really sure how high up he is or anything but he seems to be up there in the chain LoL) knows me and my honey rather well, since we are faithful patrons to this little establishment. While we had figured we caught him leaving for the day, he was merely leaving for his lunch break. Damn it all to hell!! I'm so lucky my honey is so understanding of my pity me tantrums. If not, the rock-kicking, pouty-faced, on-the-verge-of-tears attitude would have sent him packing--I felt so incredibly stupid I can't even begin to explain it.

This great man, upon finding out my bad luck, digs up just enough money to be able to cash the smaller of the two checks. I was relieved.


In the midst of the lost ID/inability to cash my paychecks chaos, my doctor calls me to tell me that my chest x-rays came back completely normal. What the fuck is wrong with me then??? He tells me that if it still hurts in a week or two to come back down there and he will do more tests....Seriously? I have to put up with this shit until it decides to go away or until I can't take it anymore and you decide more testing is necessary?? Awesome.

He called me Tuesday afternoon, right as his office was closing for the day. It has hurt every day since--still. I am not a happy camper and my honey is beginning to really dislike the recent lag in the bedroom because of it. Grr!!


Since I was last on here, I wrote another post over on my other blog. It is about the newest FDA approved at-home rapid HIV testing kit and you can read all about it here. If you happen to check it out, go ahead and leave your own thoughts in the comments section--I do love reading them!!

By the way, this month is National HIV Awareness Month!! Go get yourself checked out!! Seriously. Get off your ass and get tested. I just wouldn't use the newest at-home kit mentioned in the above-mentioned post if I were you....


Speaking of my other blog, I have to brag that I have been awarded another terrific blogging award from the wonderful Lily over at The Incoherent Ramblings Of A Moose! which can be viewed here or here. She thought my little blog was worth awarding to me and I was more than thrilled to accept it!! :D Thanks again, so very much for the honor! I really do appreciate it and hope to keep writing well enough to keep deserving the honor :)


This is the first weekend I have had off from work in quite a long time now. It has been just me and my honey all day today (the ex won't let us have little man....I can't wait to get this shit worked out with the courts because that bitch is really pushing my buttons lately...) and it has been rather lovely getting to spend some quality time with him. After I finish this, I am off to cook him a wonderful dinner-- Garlic shrimp and crab leg alfredo with broccoli and cheesy-garlic Italian bread sticks and a side of lobster tails with garlic butter dipping sauce :)Yummy yum!!

So, until next time. Everyone have a bitchin' night and enjoy the above mentioned posts until I get a chance to write some new ones!!