Saturday, October 5, 2013

One Week In....

I made it through the first week of not working. I can't say I have enjoyed it, but I can't say I've hated it either :)

What have I been doing with all of the (sudden) free time? Oh, you know...Going out of my mind. Seriously. I think I'm losing it LoL

Ok. So maybe I'm not really losing my mind but it damn sure feels like it! I think I just might have a touch of cabin fever...

Since it hurts to get up off my butt to walk any distance, I have only left my house 3 times this week....Only because it was absolutely necessary (damn appointments). That means....

I've literally been cooped up with little man in the house for a week...watching the same movies over and over again because it hurts to get up and change the discs for him :( I'm so glad he is pretty much potty trained because it would suck to have to get up and down off the floor a ton of times to change him. It kills me to do it at nap/bedtime (the only time he needs them now). Actually, he almost doesn't even need one for nap now. 3 days in a row he has woken up from his nap completely dry and asking to use the toilet :) Yay!!!

Anywho. The pelvic pain obviously hasn't gotten any better since I quit work. Some days, it almost feels worse :/ To top it off, I have an awesomely not awesome heat rash right next to where the elastic on my underwear sits...Yea, it sucks. Makes moving to do anything absolutely deplorable.

But, enough of that whining....

I discovered today that the Head Start program we have little man in may not even run past November 1st, due to lack of funds caused by this damned governmental shutdown. It won't really affect us because the ex and my honey had already decided to pull him out, however it is awful to hear. One day a week with the stipulations to him being there just isn't really worth it (something all 3 of us are in agreement of). We will put him in next year.

Best thing to happen in the last week? We finally have a full name for our baby girl!!! :) We finally agreed on it yesterday. I am beyond excited and very much relieved to have finally agreed upon something.

**Sorry!! Can't tell ya what we picked...if you're friend or family, you already know...No one else needs to know the kids' names.**

Worst thing to happen this week? My honey smashed up the screen on his phone at work yesterday (hmmm...yesterday was kind of a crazy day here LoL). I'm glad we have insurance on our phones. I got him a replacement phone ordered and shipped out tonight :) Should be here later today. If not, I guess he's out of a phone until Monday.

That is pretty much my week in a nutshell. I left all the tiny frustrations out (there were way too many LoL) but a terribly uneventful week to say the least. Down to less than 30 days before little miss finally arrives!! Damn, I can't wait :)

Well, I'm going to go drink a cup of coffee and relax today since my honey is home for the weekend :) As always, have a bitchin' day and enjoy!!

~*The Mouthy Bitch~*