Friday, August 24, 2012

Boredom is Going to be the Death of Me....

I love my new job. I really, really do. Aside from the assholes that stroll on through and the other people I don't like that come in, it truly is a decent job. I get to work half the days and still make pretty much the same amount of money.

With that being said, I HATE all the down time I have. I am not used to not working all the time. I am not designed to be sitting at home all day for days on end with nothing to do, no way to go do anything (we have no car--but we do, it is complicated), and no one to come hang out with me. I am so fucking bored I don't know whether to bang my head against a wall, scream, or cry!

Okay, okay. So I suppose there are things to be done around here but really, there isn't much. I can only do so much of the same crap everyday before I wanna scream out of boredom.

While I know I could be should be doing the dishes that are piled in my sink, I HATE doing the dishes. That is actually the only chore I despise doing (other than dusting which I NEVER do). I should also probably mop my kitchen is looking rather disgusting as of late. I could also sweep my carpet (my vacuum is broken, don't laugh) but honestly, it doesn't REALLY need it yet and that is WAY more work than it is worth at this point.

But, who really wants to do housework on their day off from work?? And what do you do when it is all done???

That is the problem I keep running into. And, quite frankly, the pure boredom is making me rather bitchy. I realized this earlier when my honey called me on his last break at work and I got all snappy with him (I'm sorry babe!) and then almost cried for feeling bad, because my utter boredom is not his fault and there is NOTHING he can do about it.

Maybe my bitchiness is a jealous reaction to his 10 hour work days....Hmmm....I NEED to go back to work already....

Even worse? I picked up my new schedule for this next month yesterday....I have TWO full 7 day weeks off (not back to back mind you)!!! What in the hell am I gonna find to do with all that time??


I guess I could be finishing up the project I have started for my other blog. I am participating in Suicide Prevention Awareness Week this year by posting one blog a day (suicide related info and what not) for the whole week. I have a great outline done. I have the first two posts pretty much done. I am at a standstill, however. I am still waiting on personal stories to incorporate into the posts. I have four left that need to be "submitted" to me. Until that happens, I can't really finish anything up. I gave everyone until the 5th of September....I'm hoping they all come in on time.

With all this down time from my job, I suppose I should start investing a little more time into BOTH of my blogs. It would help me pass the time and hopefully keep me a little less bitchy in the real world :) Until then.....

Enjoy and have a bitchin' day!!

~The Mouthy Bitch~


  1. WOW I will trade for a day!! Nothing to do wow.

    I hear you I have been there the more bored you get the less you can get done. Hopefully motivation will hit soon!

    1. I'm hoping to hit some good motivation soon. You are right about getting less done when bored, I just can't bring myself to do somethings when I am bored! I am not cut out for this slow paced stuff, that is for sure :D

  2. lol imagine how i feel sweetiepie, since i can't work cuz i'm sick i'm in a perpetual state of cabin fever. do you have buses there at all? if you do, i've sucked it up just to be able to gtfo of the house. hang in there love, and i'm always around if'n you need to chat <3 ~Stephi

    1. Thanks Steph :) I love you! We do have a bus route but I am usually broke and all my friends seem to work the days I am off :/ Lame.

      I only have a week off at a time....I couldn't imagine being stuck inside like this ALL the time...You are truly amazing for NOT letting it make you truly nutty <3<3

      I really miss you honey! I totally shoulda just called you yesterday :) Then we could've been bored and nutty together!! LOL


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